Welcome to the CRISPR-Cas.org webpage.  This website is maintained by the Joung Lab at the Massachusetts General Hospital and will provide information and links to resources for those interested in using targetable CRISPR/Cas systems for genome engineering and other applications.

CRISPR/Cas systems are used by various bacteria and archaea to mediate defense against viruses and other foreign nucleic acid.  Recent work has shown that Type II CRISPR/Cas systems can be engineered to direct targeted double-stranded DNA breaks in vitro to specific sequences by using a single "guide RNA" with complementarity to the DNA target site and a Cas9 nuclease (Jinek et al., Science 2012).  This targetable Cas9-based system also works efficiently in cultured human cells (Mali et al., Science 2013; Cong et al., Science 2013) and in vivo in zebrafish (Hwang and Fu et al., in press) for inducing targeted alterations into endogenous genes. 

We hope that the information provided on this webpage will be helpful to those interested in using CRISPR/Cas systems for genome engineering.  Note that this webpage is currently under construction and further updates will be posted in the near future.  We also welcome suggestions for additional materials about CRISPR/Cas technology not yet listed on these pages.